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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Creative Writing

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Dr. Brit Haraway

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Dr. Amy Cummins

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Dr. Emmy Perez


The Little Devil is a series of moments in the life of a character named Boy. The story follows a loose plot that jumps around different time periods and states of mind of the protagonist in an imaginary town that has elements of both a small midwestern town and a semi-arid desert.

Mr. Crow, a local entrepreneur, and Irene who owns the local diner are both heavily involved in the lives of other citizens and use secrets as a form of currency. However, Mr. Crow uses his knowledge for personal reasons while Irene simply wants to know truth.

Although it is a coming-of-age story of sorts, the story is organized to convey the idea that time is not linear in a person’s development. The past, present, and future as well as the many different influences of other characters shape Boy’s mentality as well as his memory.


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