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Master of Science (MS)


Manufacturing Engineering

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Dr. Jianzhi Li

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Dr. Andrew Tsin

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Dr. Xiaoqian Fang


This thesis work successfully generated a coaxial printing setup and process to generate 3D printed tubules. A dual syringe pump mechanism was developed to print tubular structures to investigate cell behavior with a goal to generate future capillary beds. The mechanism involves the use of collagen–alginate tubules and the use of EDTA to increase the porosity of the tubule structures to study their interaction with media and incubation techniques as well as behavior and morphology. Tubules of 1.7% sodium alginate and 0.4% collagen I reacting with 3.2% CaCl2 solution proved to be more stable in both the printing process and the incubation process than 0.25% bioink mixes. Migration conforming to the edges of tubule walls. and cell morphology was observed in and outside the tubules showing cells EDTA and collagen were not statistically significant in determining cell viability. Cell behavior within and outside the tubule structures varied and maintained the possibility of utilizing coaxially printed tubules within the designed device to further maintain the tubule and advance the complexity of the cell populations that interact with it.


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