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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Curriculum & Instruction

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Dr. Joseph Rene Corbeil

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Dr. Maria Elena Corbeil

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Dr. Ming Tsan Lu


Quality Matters certification is regarded by many American universities, including the university where the study was conducted, as the industry standard for quality online course design. Although a wide body of research has been completed on Quality Matters rubric effectiveness in changing course design, research was needed to explore faculty perceptions of the Quality Matters professional development program to determine perceived training effectiveness at preparing faculty to design and teach in a fully online learning environment. This research is aimed at Quality Matters facilitators to aide in determining the effectiveness of Quality Matters training and to help identify possible areas of improvement. Faculty participants were asked to fill out a survey indicating their prior experience teaching online, their perceptions about the quality of Quality Matters training, and their perceptions about the quality of their online courses.


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