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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Dr. Karl S. Berg

Second Advisor

Dr. Julie A. Mustard

Third Advisor

Dr. Cheryl Harrison


Bird behavioral interaction systems show a preference for temporal precision. This preference is exemplified in the way many species avoid masking of vocal signals. Antiphonal duetting in songbirds suggest that overlapping notes are a sign of poor temporal coordination which can signify a weak pairbond, a possible cue for conspecifics seeking to usurp territories or mates. However, parrots (Psittacidae) are accomplished yet understudied duetters in nature. I recorded antiphonal duets produced by a wild population of red-crowned parrots (Amazona viridigenalis) in Brownsville, Texas. Temporal and acoustic variation of signals was assessed within and across a sample of mated pairs. Results suggest element overlap is prevalent in red-crowned parrot duets, even in pairs which were observed to have successfully raised offspring. This may be an indication that partially overlapping notes in parrot duets is not indicative of a weak pairbond or that urban parrot populations are under different selective pressures.


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