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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. M Jasim Uddin

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Dr. Narayan Bhat

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Dr. Tulay Atesin


Piezoelectric systems and their mechanisms are held in high regard, due to their cost-effective structure and mechanical proficiency to harvest renewable energy. In the present article, we propose an aluminum-doped zinc stannate (ZnSnO3) piezoelectric nanogenerator that can be employed for the harvest of energy and sensory applications. In order to ensure and further enrich the piezoelectric mechanics and product outcome in our device, ZnSnO3 was doped with 1 wt% to 5 wt% of aluminum nanoparticles. We reported that 2 wt% of aluminum-doped ZnSnO3 showed the highest electrical output in terms of open circuit voltages and short circuit current.

The nanogenerator device achieved an average open-circuit voltage of 80 V to 175 V with a frequency range of 60 BPM to 240 BPM. This presented to be an unprecedented electrical output in comparison to period ZnSnO3-based piezoelectric nanogenerators. With the presented high output-to-size ration taken into consideration, the device was installed into a helmet as an energy harvester and wireless human motion sensor which can harvest energy as well as can detect and transmit signals from mechanical human movement. Thus, transmuting a regular helmet into a smart helmet- indicates a promising future for the field of piezoelectric sensors.


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