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U.S. invasion; rebellion in Texas with settlers against Mexico, reports of several related incidents and the independence of Texas; the Mexican government's attitude toward the rebellion and meeting with representatives of the United States; reports on the ship "Montezuma", which was captured in the American war. p. 1-112

Requests to the Minister of War for reports concerning the management and operation of the fortifications and garrisons of the eastern states. p. 113-116.

Francisco Pizarro Martinez, consul in New Orleans, proclaims that Texas settlers have introduced contraband and are saying that the province belongs to the United States. p. 117-118.

The minister of Mexico in the United States reported the arrival in Philadelphia of Mr. Lorenzo de Zavala, Escudero, Maneyro and Moreno and denied rumors that Spanish and Mexican adventurers evicted from New Orleans were trying to arouse the settlers of Texas. p. 119-128.

International incident due to the ship "Tampico" firing on the American brig "Paragon". p. 129-186.

Request to the Minister of Justice to find out about a Mexican ship capturing the American frigate "Pearl", because it was smuggling along the Mexican coast. p. 187-189.

Francisco Pizarro Martinez, consul in New Orleans sent reports on the meeting between the Mexican ship "Montezuma", and the U.S. Coast Guard boat "Inglam". p. 190-201.

Recommendation from the commanding General of the Army in Texas operations, to all British subjects settled there and principally to those who have colonized the village called Dolores to manifest their property. p. 202-211

Monthly reports from embassies and consulates on the political state of the “Republic” regarding the war with Texas. ff. 212-264

The consul in New Orleans reports that among the passengers of the ship "Julius Caesar" was the priest José María Alpuche, who was carrying effects for the rebels of Texas, . p. 265-267.

The consul in New Orleans, took charge of the freight ship "Haleyon" and dispatched it to Tampico to get reports from the expedition on the rebel José Antonio Mejía. p. 268-281

The governor of Chihuahua, the mayor of Tlaxcala and the city council of Azcapotzalco, give notice that they have raised various amounts for the campaign against the settlers Texans. p. 282-294

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