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Military Expedition of Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna in Texas. p. 2-4.

Commission of Agustin Fernandez de San Vicente to encourage independence in California. p. 5-7.

Report of General Captaincy of Provinces of East and West Mexico; emigration of Americans moving to Texas and movement of American troops along the Mexican border. p. 8-70.

Arrival of the English consul, Carlos O 'Gorman to the port of Veracruz. p. 71-81.

Declaration by J.R. Poinsett, United States Minister to Mexico on a speech given by Everettis, U.S. minister in Spain about the independence of Mexico. p. 82 to 92.

Reports on foreign movements in New Mexico. p. 93-95.

Reports and press clippings on the issue of a Spanish ship on the island of Cuba. p. 96-103.

The Secretary of War and Navy, sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports on the riots and revolts in Nacogdoches to free Texas. Correspondence to J.R. Poinsett and Henry Clay on the matter. p. 104-153.

The War Department and Navy sends reports on arrests made by the sheriff of Natchitoches in Mexico without legal permission. p. 154-156.

Article on Mexico; "Mexico Independent". p. 157-158.

Report from Fray José de Jesús Puelles the Apostolic College of Our Lady of Guadalupe de Zacatecas, on the Texas-Louisiana boundary. p. 159-174.

Copies of the events among American troops on the Texas-Mexico border in the year 1806. p. 175- 194

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