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Efforts for peace, treaties, and covenants, to return national and private property after the evacuation of the country by U.S. forces. The Minister of War communicates news from Sonora regarding the passing of a caravan that goes to California. p. 1-2.

U.S. forces take possession of Isleta, Socorro and S. Elzeario; Chihuahua protests the U.S. occupation. p. 2a-68.

The government refuses the declaration of the Republic of Sierra, formed from northern Border States and mainly instigated by Americans. p. 69-93.

The Governor of Chihuahua worries about buffalo hunters crossing into and inhabiting the territory. p. 94-98.

Nathan Clifford, Minister from the United States, reports that the customs collected from Guaymas, Mazatlan and Matamoros are available to the Mexican government. p. 99-117.

Notices of a group of American adventurers that landed in Yucatan to join the Indians in battle against the whites. p. 118-144.

Communication from the Director of the Archives to collect 171 books belonging to government offices removed during the time of the invasion. p. 145-158.

The Governor of Tamaulipas, announces the arrival of the cavalry forces to El Paso del Pacuacho to build a fort. p. 159-161.

A party of armed Americans steals the ore from Cieneguilla, Sonora, outraging its inhabitants. p. 162-175.

It is brought to the attention of the United States that the Spanish, Mexicans and Chileans are outraged in Alta California for being forced to emigrate. p. 176-197.

Dealings in the case of the Mexicans: Vicente Olmos and Jose de la Luz Lastine have joined the invaders. p. 198-207.

A party of Americans crossed the borders of the Mexican territory and stole 15 wagons of merchandise that left Villa Mier, Tamaulipas. p. 208-243.

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