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Recognition of the independence of Texas. Reports, incidents and various accounts to the government of the United States of America. Yucatan Governor Miguel Barbachano, announces that the Americans have taken over the Isla del Carmen, which has lost support from the State. p. 1-7

Texas Independence. General correspondence during the years 1846-1847. p. 8-11.

Decree from the Supreme Commander of the Army: Joseph M. Salas, on trade with the United States and on places occupied by the enemy. p. 12-13.

Newsletter containing various answers from the legislative bodies of the government of the State of Mexico on questions relating to the war against the invaders. p. 14-24.

Report given to the government of Yucatán, explaining why two individuals left and gave information to the commander of U.S. forces. p. 25-29.

General Ventura Mora, commanding general of Sinaloa, announced that they found no enemy ships along the coast and that Rafael de la Vega has been appointed governor. p. 30-31

The legislatures of Tamaulipas ask the general government for resources to repel the invaders. p. 32-42.

The Governor of Durango reports on the movements of the military forces of the State. p. 43-45

Commission given to Mr. Joaquín del Castillo, Lazas Manuel Larrainzar and Juan de la Granja to study personal files relating to Texas. p. 46-56.

The government of Tamaulipas has moved to the town of Tula due to the occupation of enemy forces in Ciudad Victoria. p. 57-59

General Francisco de Garay, commander of Huejutla requests instructions from the central government. p. 60-72.

Correspondence with the government of Nuevo Leon, related to the war against the United States. p. 73-93.

The government of San Luis Potosi asks for the money back it gave to the Northern Army for war expenses, the request was made through personal correspondence. p. 94-97.

The War Department inserted an official response from General Santa Anna regarding questions made by the commander of Durango concerning the approved legislative measures that he is able to carry out in defense of the state. p. 98-102.

The Minister of War reports that the states of Puebla and Veracruz, both situated in Jalapa, have forces of a 1,000 men and 2,500 men respectively to help beat the invaders. p. 103-113.

A review of the political state of the Republic at the time of the invasion for Mexican diplomats abroad. p. 114-119.

The Minister of War orders the military commander of Mexico to organize a body under General Romulo Diaz de la Vega, to march against the invaders at Veracruz. p. 120-127

Decree from the temporary Congress making available the National Guard of the States and Territories of the Federation during the war with the United States. p. 128-129.

Information given to the governors regarding the national guard forces at their disposal. p. 130-168.

The Minister of War has ordered the Governor of Mexico to have 1,000 men available for reserves. P. 169-171.

Pio Pico, Governor of the Californias, commissioned Jose Matias Moreno to work with the central government on how to get resources to repel American invaders. p. 172-182

The Government of San Luis Potosi relates complaints from the neighboring area of Real de Catorce against the General of the Northern Army: Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, who imposed a loan upon on them without the knowledge of their own local authorities. p. 183-190.

The Governor of Jalisco, reports that Americans have been trying to occupy the Pacific ports and orders garrisons at the ports San Blas and Manzanillo. p. 191-208.

300 National Guardsmen from Guanajuato are ordered to go to Mazatlan and restore order. p. 209- 213.

The Vice-Consul of Lima, recounts actions taken in Monterrey against the invaders. p. 214-216.

Defensive plan from General Isidro Reyes to prevent the enemy from taking possession of Durango Zacatecas penetrating the interior. p. 217-230

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