Submissions from 2020


Students with Emotional Disorders and Their Television Viewing Habits: A Case Study, John Lowdermilk, Noe Ramos Jr., Julie Pecina, Cristina Rangel, and Nora Nevarez

Submissions from 2016


Crossing Borders and Building Bridges: A Video Ethnography of Special Education in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico, John Lowdermilk, Julie Pecina, Cheryl Fielding, and Lisa Beccera

Submissions from 2015


Coming to Understand Diversity and Education: Life Experiences and Educational Opportunities, Steven Paul Chamberlain

Submissions from 2010


Communication and collaboration among providers, John Lowdermilk, Cheryl Fielding, Leila Flores-Torres, Alonso Andrew, and Lisa Becerra

Submissions from 2009


The Effects of Cuento Therapy on Reading Achievement and Psychological Outcomes of Mexican-American Students, Sylvia Z. Ramirez, Jain Sachin, Leila L. Flores-Torres, Roxanna Perez, and Carlson Ralph

Submissions from 2007


Differential diagnosis of hispanic children referred for autism spectrum disorders: Complex issues, Terry Overton, Cheryl Fielding, and Roman Garcia de Alba