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Download Photos of a house from different angles, trees, and a dog. One is captioned, "Lyngaas house in Valley"; (3.0 MB)

Download Photos: a) Rose bush beneath window; b) group photo captioned, "Lloyd, Eva Olsen, Ralph"; c) Child on horseback with buildings, structures in background, captioned, "Lyngaas Farm - Ralph and pony" (2.7 MB)

Download Photos: a) 2 boys on horseback, captioned "Lloyd Johnson, Ralph"; b) A boy climbing the ladder of a railcar, captioned "Ralph, Woodford, Wisc." (3.0 MB)

Download Photos: a) 2 men standing next to tree, captioned "[illegible], Buddy & Roy Matthis"; b) Man on motorcycle, captioned "Ralph & Bike at [illegible]"; c) Older woman and man, captioned "Harl Johnson & Wife" (2.9 MB)

Download Photos of men and cars: a) Captioned, "Dad & Model T, Arthur"; b) Captioned, "Dad & Model A" (3.1 MB)

Download Photos of women fishing: a) Woman holding a long pole, cow in background, captioned "Mother - fish"; b) (3) Women and one child fishing near a canal, captioned "U-Guess" (3.1 MB)

Download Photos of cabbage crops: a) Rows of cabbage, captioned "Cabbage Crop"; b) People walking in a cabbage field. (2.9 MB)

Download Photos of onion harvest: a) Field, captioned "Onion Crop"; b) Three men standing around crates, captioned, "Frank Flores - Hired Man - Several years" (3.0 MB)

Download Photos of trees: a) Row of various sized shrubs/trees, no caption; b) Rows of various sized shrubs/trees, captioned "Our Orchard - Valley" (2.6 MB)

Download Photos of trees and plants, uncaptioned (2.8 MB)

Download Photos of trees and plants, uncaptioned (3.3 MB)

Download Photos of trees and plants, uncaptioned (3.1 MB)

Download Photos of crops: a) Man and woman stand near row of palms, captioned "Grandma Olsen"; b) Men and children in a cotton field, captioned "Leonard Johnson" (3.2 MB)

Download Photos near road: a) A covered wagon pulled by oxen, captioned "Covered load of cotton"; b) large blooming yucca plant with mail box in background, no caption (3.0 MB)

Download Photos of woman holding young toddler, captioned "Frank Flores wife and baby" (3.0 MB)

Download Photos of children: a) Toddler seated in highchair near palm tree; b) Toddler standing next to yucca plant; c) Toddler seated in highchair, palm trees (2.9 MB)

Download Family photo in front of car, windmill in background, man seated with child on lap, women standing with toddler on hip, captioned "Frank Flores & Family" (3.1 MB)

Download Loose page, handwriting; names and birthdates (2.6 MB)

Download Loose page, handwriting; names, birthdates, marriage dates (2.5 MB)

Download Group, family photos: a) Children standing in a line, arrow and caption indicate "Ralph"; b) Group photo of men, women, and children, arrows and captions indicate "Pete Johnson, Art Lyngaas, Wife - Eva, Morgan Olsen" (3.2 MB)

Download Group photos of children: a) Boys of different ages standing and seated, caption indicates "Ralph"; b) Young people milling around on seashore or beach, possibly collecting shells (3.1 MB)

Download Group photos: a) Men, women, and children seated among, no caption; b) Men, women, children standing between two homes, eating watermelon (3.0 MB)

Download Family photos: a) Family members of all ages, posed standing and seated, captioned, Johnson & Olsen Family"; b) Candid outtake of family photo, man falling over, arrow and caption indicate "Grandma Olsen" (3.0 MB)

Download Family photos: a) Candid photo of men, women, and child, no caption; b) Three young people, wading in water among lily pads (2.9 MB)

Download Candid photos of people in water, possible Gulf of Mexico, no captions (2.8 MB)

Download Photos, no captions: a) Children swimming; b) Cows grazing, (3) men look on (2.9 MB)

Download Photos of people posing in front of tall stalks, captioned "Broom corn" (2.9 MB)

Download Photos of women, children standing outside house, shingle siding: a) Captions and lines indicate, "Grandma Olsen, Grandma Lyngaas, Alma Johnson, Eva"; b) uncaptioned photo (2.9 MB)

Download Excursion photos, uncaptioned: a) Men, women, children standing; b) Men, women, children seated, cars and house in background (2.9 MB)

Download Photos: a) Large building with arches, water gardens in foreground, captioned "McAllen"; b) (5) People in coats standing in snow (2.9 MB)

Download Family photos: a) (6) People standing in front of steps, row houses, captioned "Two of Dad's Sisters and Brother-in-Law - Ralph - Mother - Dad"; b) Standing in front of car, woman with arm on child's shoulder, man holding child on hip, no caption (3.0 MB)

Download Photos: a) Woman and man seated, captioned "Dad, Sister Lilly & Husband"; b) Child seated in wicker baby carriage, uncaptioned (3.3 MB)

Download Photos: a) Baby seated on porch step, captioned "Ralph"; b) Man holding hand of young boy, next to house and car (3.1 MB)

Download Photos: a) Child sitting on grass next to sidewalk, no caption; b) On the front lawn of house, woman leaning down, toddler riding tricycle, captioned "Grandma Lyngaas, Ralph" (3.0 MB)

Download Photos: a) Car, trees, homes in background, baby seated in wicker baby carriage, toddler boy standing in foreground, no caption; b) House with large front porch, car parked in front, captioned "House Ralph was born in, Appleton, Wisc." (3.0 MB)

Download Family vacation photos, captioned with arrows "Morgan Olsen Family" a) Woman and (4) children seated on boulder; b) Man, woman, (4) children standing outside of timber cabin (3.2 MB)

Download Family vacation photos, no captions: a) (4) children seated on (2) mules, man standing between; b) Man, children seated on hill, posing with dog (3.0 MB)

Download Photos of children: a) Toddler in hat on tricycle; b) (5) children in water, arrows and captions indicate "Glen Johnson, Morgan Olsen family" (2.8 MB)

Download Photos of children: a) (3) children stand in canal, dog stand on bank, no caption; b) Two children, wearing hats, standing, seated, captioned "Ramona Olsen, Evelyn Olsen" (2.8 MB)

Download Photos of a baby and puppy sitting in grass, no captions (2.9 MB)

Download Photos: a) Puppy seated, baby lying in grass; b) A woman standing between man and boy, captioned "Dad, Eva, Ralph" (2.8 MB)

Download Group photos: a) men, women, children standing in front of car, captions are difficult to read, "Eva, Calvin, Grandma Olsen, Mother, Aunt Clare"; b) Man, (5) women in foreground, captions identify "Ollie Berg, Grandma Olsen, Aunt Hannah" (3.2 MB)

Download Group photos in front of house, no captions (3.1 MB)

Download Photos of McAllen parade floats, Dr. Pepper advertised on building in background, captions indicate "1926, Ralph, King of May Fete" (2.8 MB)

Download Photos of McAllen parade floats 1926 (2.7 MB)

Download Photos: a) Large barn and silo, captioned "Olson Barn in Wisconsin (South Wayne)"; b) Group photo, caption identifies "Ruth Johnson, Grandma Olsen, [illegible], Glenn Johnson" (3.0 MB)

Download Candid portrait photos: a) Woman stands alone, no caption; b) Woman and man standing in front of citrus tree, windmill visible in distance, captioned "Grandma Olsen - Ralph" (2.9 MB)

Download Photos: a) Man in dark suit, captioned "Ralph"; b) Women in mid-length dress, captioned "Dorothy" (3.0 MB)

Download Photos of a toddler in light romper, standing near citrus, palm trees, no captions (3.1 MB)

Download Photos: a) Man folding toddler on hip, captioned "Ralph - Gene"; b) Woman standing between two men, captioned "Bryan, Dorothy, Ralph" (3.1 MB)

Download Photos: a) Man in light suit, captioned "Ralph"; b) Man in light suit, captioned "Lloyd", c) Group photo of young women in dresses (3.0 MB)

Download Group photos: a) Men (3) and women (3) appeared "dressed up", captioned "Dad, ralph, CK, Harris & Wife, Dorothy, Mother"; b) Men, women, children standing on a wooden skiff, captioned "Judge Myrlin Johnson" (2.9 MB)

Download Family photos: a) Woman holding baby, no caption; b) Man, woman, (2) children, captioned "Edna, Leonard Johnson & kids" (2.9 MB)

Download Photos, no captions: a) Family posing on lawn in front of house; b) Young man in light coveralls, young man in scout uniform seated on fender of car, tent pitched, wooden pier (3.0 MB)

Download Photos next to car: a) man and woman, no caption; b) young man in tie leans against car, captioned "Lloyd" (2.8 MB)

Download Photos near cars: a) people in hats, no caption; b) men (4) picnicking, captioned "Art Lyngaas, Myrlin Johnson, Peter Johnson" (3.0 MB)

Download Photos of women in sun hats, pants rolled up (no captions) (3.0 MB)

Download Photos of women, no captions: a) Group of women in sun hats, pants rolled up; b) Woman in light colored, mid length dress (2.7 MB)

Download Photo of man and woman, standing, smiling at the dog seated between them, captioned "Pete Johnson & Wife Alma, aunt & uncle" (3.2 MB)

Download Blank page, no photos (3.2 MB)

Download Blank page, no photos (3.3 MB)

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Small family photo album featuring members of the Johnson, Lyngaas, and Olsen families, including group pictures, candid photographs, and landscapes. A handwritten list of names, dates, marriages is also included. Some people and places are identified by blue ink handwriting in margins.

Names include Eva Olsen, Lloyd and Juanita Johnson, Ralph and Dorothy Lyngaas, Leonard and Edna Johnson, "Grandma" Olsen, Frank Flores, Hattie Olsen, Gene Owen Lyngaas, Arthur "Art" Henry Lyngaas, Morgan Olsen, Pete and Alma Johnson, among others.

Locations include: Woodford, WI; Appleton, WI; McAllen, TX;

Crops include: cabbage, onion, broom corn, citrus, cotton

Photo album consists of 33 worn pages, (65 front and back), BW photos mounted to black pages, flaking edges and corners, silver gelatin photographs.

Physical Description

.PDF, 62 Pages, silver-gelatin BW photos, sepia tone (JPG 300 dpi)

Johnson Lyngaas Family Photo Album

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