Symposium Summer 2021

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Summer 7-21-2021


U.S. History, Westward Expansion, Manifest Destiny, Texas, Lower Rio Grande Valley, United States, James K. Polk, Mexico, Borderlands, Mexican War (1846-1848), Annexation of Texas, Mexican Cession, Regional Importance, Regional History, Palo Alto Battlefield, TEKS, Public School, Place-Based Curriculum, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy


TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills): 8.6C-Causes and Effects of the Mexican-American War 8.29A- Primary sources on James K. Polk 8.29C-Maps and timeline of the Annexation of Texas, Mexican-American War, & Mexican Cession 4C demonstrate an understanding of the influence of one language and culture on another

Lesson objective(s): 1. Students will need to understand the causes of the Mexican-American War 2. Students will need to analyze the dispute of the Texas boundary of Rio Grande River versus Mexico's claim of the Nueces River from Treaty of Velasco. 3. Students will be able to identify political boundaries of the United States, Mexico, Rio Grande River and other geographic locations relevant to Manifest Destiny.

Differentiation strategies to meet diverse learner needs: -Special population students will receive visual aids and modified vocabulary to bridge any learning gaps as per ELL strategies, Common Instructional Framework, or Sheltered Instruction or SIOP. -Honors students will be challenge to watch videos or read a primary source document.


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