Symposium Summer 2021

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Summer 7-21-2021


Mexican American History, Mexican American Studies, U.S. History, United States, Mexico, Gregorio Cortes, Ballas, El Corrido de Gregorio Cortes, Literature, With a Pistol in his Hand, Americo Paredes, Folklore, Borderland History, TEKS, Public School, Place-Based Curriculum, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy


TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills): 4A,B; 6A; 8A,D; 9A,D

Lesson objective(s): 1. Analyze the impact of the Corrido on border culture and folklore 2. Describe and analyze how the Corrido retells a particular event or course of events and reflects the points of view or bias of its author. 3. Synthesize historical information and personal accounts to create an oral history.

Differentiation strategies to meet diverse learner needs: PowerPoint presentation, Film “The Ballad of Gregorio Cortes”, audio of some Corridos from the border region that deal with border issues like discriminations by parties on both sides of the border, smuggling contraband, organized crime, illegal immigration, tragic stories and identification of cultural norms.


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