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This paper utilizes the technology acceptance model (TAM) to uncover the moderating roles of technology innovativeness. A study of 158 undergraduate students revealed that the original TAM constructs and relationships were reliable, supported, and applicable in the measurement of e-book acceptance. Interestingly, personal technology innovativeness was found to moderate in a significant way, the relationship between behavioral intention to use e-book and actual usage of e-book. These findings suggest that while individuals who are more open to technology (adopters) as well as less technologically innovative individuals (late adopters and non-adopters) are likely to have the intention to use webbased instructional technologies like e-book, only highly innovative individuals, may actually translate intention into actual usage. These results have serious implications on adopters, implementers and users of instructional technologies who would need to factor into their decision-making the role of the individual technology innovativeness of its users.


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