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This study explores college professor perceptions of effective professor Characteristics through the lens of Media Naturalness Theory (MNT). A survey questionnaire was administered to samples of college professors in two countries (USA and Qatar) regarding their perceptions of effective professor’s characteristics. Demographic variables such as gender, age, discipline, rank, and teaching style were included in the questionnaire. The results of nonparametric analysis revealed significant differences in professors’ responses between the two samples. However, these differences were in the level of their ratings (e.g. very important versus important). The top five-rated characteristics were similar in both countries for each component of the media naturalness theory. Speech and body language components had the highest rating by professors in both countries. While gender was the most significant demographic factor that influenced professors’ perceptions for the American sample, discipline was the most critical factor for the Qatari sample. The second most crucial factor for both countries was teaching style. Even though the two groups differed in their ratings of effective professor characteristics, which could be partially explained by the cultural background differences between the two countries, professors agreed to be respectful of students, make class expectations clear, and explain course material clearly and concisely are the most important characteristics in both instruction delivery modes (face-to-face and online). Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.


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