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This survey research examined social networking sites (SNS) internal to the company to determine how SNS use affects attitudes, and ultimately turnover intentions. We hypothesize that due to social capital, emotional dissonance, and conservation of resource theories, work SNS use will decrease work isolation, which will decrease work-related attitudes and increase turnover intentions. Due to social capital theory, we propose that work SNS use will decrease work isolation. Due to emotional dissonance theory, we hypothesize that work isolation will decrease positive emotions and job satisfaction, and increase job tensions, such as work stress. All three of these factors will increase turnover intentions. These findings suggest that technology has the potential of reducing technostress symptoms at work. We found that incorporating internal SNS in businesses improves attitudes and behaviors, which is important for managers to consider as ways to save costs due to employee turnover.

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Proceedings of the 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2018





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