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This research explored the effect of social network sites (SNS) use intensity in the workplace on three aspects of job burnout. The data were collected from non-teaching employees from universities in the U.S. (N = 174) and in Thailand (N = 182). Results from partial least squares regression revealed some evidence of the u-curve relationship between SNS use intensity and depersonalization in both countries. However, the u-curve relationship between SNS use and lack of personal accomplishment is only supported in U.S. samples. This suggests that while a moderate degree of SNS use at work tends to lower burnout, a high degree of use appears to create more burnout. The results also reveal a strong positive linkage between SNS use intensity and emotional exhaustion in U.S. samples. Overall, these findings imply that allowing employees to use SNS can provide some benefits, but it is important that employees do not overuse SNS to avoid burnout.


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International Journal of Cyber Behavior, Psychology and Learning





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