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Book Review

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Summer 2014


Despite the performative turn of the 1990s, a disjuncture has persisted between performance studies, though self-admittedly expansive and porous, and much of the scholarship produced around the diverse acts constituting Latina/o performance. The books reviewed here engage Latina/o performance on its own terms and terrains while reconceiving the limits of the archive as well as the subjects and substance of performance. Myriad works considered here further intervene in debates regarding critical regionalism and transnationalism within Chicana/o and Latina/o studies, as well as American studies, by embracing a hemispheric approach while also being attuned to the inflections of the local. Also contributing to feminist and queer theory, the two monographs and several essays included within the anthology explore the intersections among queerness, race, the body, and performance and underline how these intersections are never innocent formations, at times colluding with systems of power, at others enacting decolonial imaginaries, and sometimes doing both.


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Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society





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