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Master of Education (MEd)

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Dr. John F. Moore

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Dr. Fred Cunningham

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Dr. Lance M. G__


This descriptive study was undertaken in order to provide the communities and educational organizations in the Lower Rio Grande Valley with a profile of the philosophical, organizational and curricular structure of reading programs in the school districts of the area. Six school systems were selected as representative of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, and were chosen on the basis of population, school enrollment and geographical location.

A questionnaire was prepared to insure continuity of the collected data and to serve as a basis for conducting interviews with appropriate administrative personnel. The data collected revealed that while school systems of the Lower Rio Grande Valley are sensitive to the unique bicultural and bilingual character common to their individual communities, they relate the philosophical, organizational, and curricular structure of their reading programs to these needs in a variety of innovative ways and they are heavily influenced by federal funding.


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Pan American University