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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Philip Gasquoine

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Dr. Edna Alfaro

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Dr. Amy Weimer


The existence of in-group implicit prejudice against persons of Mexican origin was examined. Implicit refers to cognitive processes that the individual is unaware. Implicit attitudes are associations between social targets and positive or negative feelings that are passively learned from the environment. The measure we used to assess implicit prejudice was the Implicit Association Test. We also examined acculturation using the Acculturation Rating Scale for Mexican Americans (Flores-Niemann et al., 1999). Family values, assessed using the Cultural Values Scale (Unger, et al., 2002), and skin tone defined by light or dark complexion using a Photovolt 577 reflectance meter, were also examined as predictors of implicit prejudice. Results support our hypothesis that some Mexican Americans will demonstrate some in-group implicit prejudice. We also found a negative correlation between family values and in-group implicit prejudice as hypothesized. We found no significant relation between in-group implicit prejudice and acculturation levels or skin tone.


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University of Texas-Pan American