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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr. Xiang Lian

Second Advisor

Dr. Christine Reilly

Third Advisor

Dr. Timothy Wylie


One of the fundamental problems on spatial road networks has been the shortest traveling time query, with applications such as location-based services (LBS) and trip planning. Algorithms have been made for the shortest time queries in deterministic road networks, in which vertices and edges are known with certainty. Emerging technologies are available and make it easier to acquire information about the traffic. In this paper, we consider uncertain road networks, in which speeds of vehicles are imprecise and probabilistic. We will focus on one important query type, continuous probabilistic shortest traveling time query (CPSTTQ), which retrieves sets of objects that have the smallest traveling time to a moving query point q from point s to point e on road networks with high confidences. We propose effective pruning methods to prune the search space of our CPSTTQ query, and design an efficient query procedure to answer CPSTTQ via an index structure.


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University of Texas-Pan American