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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Janice A. Maville

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Dr. Cindy L. Milan

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Dr. Paul Villas


The relationship between acculturation level and patient satisfaction among adult Mexican American emergency department patients was explored. Acculturation level was determined by the Acculturation Rating Scale for Mexican Americans-II (ARSMA-II). Patient satisfaction was measured with the Patient Satisfaction Inventory (PSI). The study was conducted in an emergency department in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, where 23 participants provided the data. The questionnaires were offered in English and Spanish. The independent variable of acculturation level did not demonstrate a significant relationship with the dependent variable of patient satisfaction. A statistically significant difference was identified among the subscales of the PSI.


Copyright 2001 Sharon M. Schaaf. All Rights Reserved.

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University of Texas-Pan American

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Nursing Commons