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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Michael W. Lehker

Second Advisor

Dr. Emilio Garrido-Sanabria

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Dr. Andrea Schwarzbach


The McGill-Thy1 APP mouse is a triple transgenic model of Alzheimer disease, which has the mutant amyloid precursor protein to synergistically over-produce amyloid beta plaques. These mice exhibit visuo-spatial learning impairment at 3 months of age and memory impairment at 10-13 months of age in the Morris water maze. To extend these findings mice at 3, 5, and 7 months of age were tested on the Barnes maze. Non-Transgenic and Transgenic mice showed improvement during acquisition. However, 3 month and 5 month McGill Thy1- APP mice showed impaired acquisition learning while 7 month showed a learning and memory deficit compared to their Non-Transgenic counterpart. Increased expression of McSA1immuno-labeling from 5 month to 7 month transgenic mice was observed as well as plaque burden in the hippocampal formation. Overall, these findings indicated a correlation between increased expression of amyloid beta and its negative effects on visuo-spatial learning and memory using the Barnes maze. Cognitive deficits and expression of amyloid beta findings prove further evidence that amyloid beta correlates with behavioral impairment.


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University of Texas Brownsville