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Master of Science (MS)


Manufacturing Engineering

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Dr. Miguel A. Gonzalez

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Dr. Douglas Timmer

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Dr. Zhixiang Chen


The Computer's Hard Disk Drive is a complex high technology device, diagnosis of a failure is difficult even using sophisticated test equipments. These Drives are expensive and returning a new one when it fails within the warranty period is not an option. The failed drive must be tested and repaired. In the repair process the analysis and diagnosis of the failures is a key point in the process where decisions regarding the repair process that the failed Drive will follow. Therefore, there is a requirement to perform an effective analysis and provide an accurate diagnosis. The standard system utilized for diagnosis was based on human capacity, this study proves that the deficiencies of the standard failure analysis method does not provide satisfactory results. On the other hand, this study proposes alternatives that incorporate the expert's knowledge and makes it available for analysis technicians, analyzing every Drive.


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University of Texas-Pan American

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Manufacturing Commons