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This paper addresses an in-field experience utilizing the C.A.L.M. (The Consignment Auction Liquidation Marketing) Method of Mass Product Distribution in Canada. This form of mass product distribution is a nontraditional one, which was originally formally started in 1993 in the United States. This method of distribution targets various audiences distributing products including retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs.

The “marketing mix”, the four primary areas of marketing include distribution, which continues to provide opportunities for growth. Utilizing consignment auctions as an additional channel of distribution may provide such opportunities. However, the utilization of consignment auctions as an additional channel of distribution has been largely ignored and very few publications related to consignment auctions exist.

The results of utilizing Canadian consignment auctions for the liquidation of general merchandise consigned from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015 are presented. The effectiveness of the utilization of Canadian consignment auctions was based on “consignment auction outlet profitability”, the dependent variable, in relationship to various independent variables including the type of merchandise consigned, consignment terms and shipping costs. Regardless of the variables, the utilization of Canadian consignment auctions for the liquidation and distribution of mass quantities of merchandise may offer an additional distribution opportunity. This field study offers the opportunity to gain further insight regarding the effectiveness of the method of distribution in Canada and adds to the somewhat limited amount of research found.

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Journal of International Business and Cultural Studies

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