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This paper addresses insights gathered from business students enrolled in a Hispanic Serving University (HSU)and resulting curriculum implications related to the continued heritage of the United States to embrace cultures of others. Although awareness of the realities regarding past, current and future diversity within the United State is important for all citizens, such awareness is especially necessary for business students planning to participate in the United States marketplace. This paper provides a limited historical perspective regarding the evolution and promotion of diversity within the United States. Secondly, the current degree of diversity in the United States is presented through a descriptive analysis of various demographic data including gender, age, ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation, educational attainment, disability status, language spoken, religion, and socio-economic status. Thirdly, the results of a diversity awareness survey administered to a convenience-based sample of over 60 business students enrolled in a HSU is presented. Lastly, resulting curriculum implications and recommendations are proposed. The population of the United States was originally based on its’ differences and on the desire to protect the citizen’s right to be different. Although, not every citizen in the United States welcomes such diversity and related rights, the majority of the citizens do. The enactment and acceptance of various laws requiring diversity is not only a unique part of the proud heritage of the United States, but also poises the country well for future global interaction. Business students, regardless of their own differences, will benefit from an accurate perspective regarding the current and future state of diversity within the United States.

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