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This study investigates the mediating role of consumer engagement (CE) in the relationship between perceived behavioral control (PBC) and purchase intent and the moderating role of perceived safety in the relationship between PBC and CE in the self-driving car (SDC) context.


To test the model, a sample of 368 consumers was deployed using partial least-squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM).


The findings reveal that consumers' SDC engagement mediates the relationship between PBC and their intent to purchase an SDC. Consumer-perceived SDC safety also moderates the association of PBC/engagement.


While prior research has examined consumer-based drivers of SDC adoption, understanding of consumers' SDC engagement-related dynamics and outcomes lags behind. Addressing this gap, we propose and test a model that explores consumers' SDC engagement vis-à-vis its drivers (perceived SDC safety/behavioral control) and outcomes (SDC purchase intent).


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