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A Communication Matrix Intervention to Increase Adoption of Federal Government Safety Recommendations

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A 3-year, multichannel intervention project assessed adoption of federal government workplace safety testing methods among 3 randomly drawn samples of industrial hygienists. A communication matrix (McGuire, 1985, 1989) framework focusing on stages of reception, processing, and response was used to create, implement, and evaluate the intervention. Participants were interviewed by phone during 3 waves: baseline, immediately following year 1 of the intervention, and immediately following year 2 of the intervention. Results indicate a gain in reception over the course of the intervention. Increases in attitudes, control beliefs, intentions, and self-reported behavior were found between baseline and the 1st year of the intervention, and were maintained (although not increased) during the 2nd year of the intervention. Strengths and weaknesses of the intervention are viewed through the scope of the communication matrix.


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Health Communication