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Personality Assessment in the Workplace: Evidence for the Workplace Interpersonal Relatedness Construct Across Cultures

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Evidence for an indigenous Interpersonal Relatedness (IR) personality trait that is distinct from the Big Five personality taxonomy has been demonstrated in Chinese culture; however, research has not yet established whether this construct is specific to the Chinese culture or whether it is more universal. The current research extended this personality construct to a workplace context and examined the relevance of the Workplace IR trait within Taiwanese (n = 573) and U.S. (n = 155) employees. Results indicated that in both cultural groups the Workplace IR construct emerged and was not subsumed within the workplace Big Five domains; however, the content of the Workplace IR construct varied slightly between Taiwanese and U.S. employees. These findings suggest that this purported indigenous Chinese personality trait has potential relevance for working adults in Western as well as Eastern cultures.


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Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology