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Seeking solitary wave solutions and revealing their interactional characteristics for nonlinear evolution equations help us lot to comprehend the motion laws of the microparticles. As a local nonlinear dynamic behavior, the soliton-collision is difficult to be reproduced numerically. In this paper, the soliton-collision process in the nonlinear perturbed Schrödinger equation is simulated employing the multi-symplectic method. The multi-symplectic formulations are derived including the multi-symplectic form and three local conservation laws of the nonlinear perturbed Schrödinger equation. Employing the implicit midpoint rule, we construct a multi-symplectic scheme, which is equivalent to the Preissmann box scheme, for the nonlinear perturbed Schrödinger equation. The elegant structure-preserving properties of the multi-symplectic scheme are illustrated by the tiny maximum absolute residual of the discrete multi-symplectic structure at each time step in the numerical simulations. The effects of the perturbation strength on the soliton-collision in the nonlinear perturbed Schrödinger equation are reported in the numerical results in detail.


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Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics


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