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Literature supports the importance of mentoring relationships in making meaningful contributions to novice teacher induction, and that especially important in the relationship is matching mentor/mentee by subject and grade level and in close proximity. The physical location of mentors to mentees and their availability impacts the relationship. Proximity is necessary to view the mentor as accessible and provide opportunities for interactions during the school day.

In music education, matching mentor/mentee by subject and grade level and in close proximity can be challenging. Because of music's specialization, music teachers are often the only one in their building. I previously examined two music teacher mentor/mentee relationships within one stale-wide novice teacher induction program and found that while these pairs were matched by subject and grade level, challenges of time and proximity were evident.

The purpose of this paper is to explore a multiple mentoring model in music education; how mentoring could be expanded beyond a one-to-one relationship lo a broader, more collaborative and community-based approach that includes multiple mentors at the school building and district level with a variety of expertise in leaching and subject content area. This model will allow multiple relationships to form to provide novice teachers a support system including a variety of people in close and distant proximity. This model will build off Jacobs' (2008) model for the effective mentoring of music educators, and while ii will focus on music, it can be adapted to fit all subjects.


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