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Collab-Hub is a networking tool for sharing data across the internet for multimedia collaboration. Through CollabHub, web audio applications, custom hardware controllers/instruments, and digital instruments created for embedded and desktop computers can all be designed around a single framework, providing a unified approach to creating multi-modal networked experiences.

In this talk, we discuss the design of the Collab-Hub system and provide examples of using it to create interaction layouts between web-based instruments/interfaces and digital musical instruments designed in Max and Pure Data. We also showcase custom APIs for developing audiovisual software clients in Unity and hardware clients through Arduino. An analysis of pertinent historical precedents highlights the advantages Collab-Hub provides to artists who may not have experience developing collaborative projects between browsers and desktop software or may be entirely new to designing telematic and remote performance environments. A showcase of works created with Collab-Hub (featuring networked interactivity across the internet, digital instrument design through the aforementioned creative development platforms and the WebAudio API, and multimodal art technologies) demonstrates the wide variety of artistic endeavors made possible through the framework.


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