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Circuit bending provides creative methods of generating sound by subverting a device’s normal operation through hacking. While the means of interacting with hacked devices in performance are primarily limited to tactile controls and explicitly mapped actions, exploring alternative methods of engaging with these instruments would allow for mediation systems and collaborative performance design to enhance the use of nostalgic devices in audio/visual art. This paper discusses the artistic benefits of blending the musical and aesthetic practices of circuit bending with the field of networked musical performance. We present the artistic benefits of traditional circuit bending and methods of extending networked performance techniques to the practice. This is followed by a discussion of Bendit_I/O—a framework for designing cyber-hacked readymades—opening the door to innovative design practices for using hacked hardware in collaborative environments. We also discuss Pepper's Ghost, a multimedia installation created with networked circuit-bent devices with the goal of exploring these concepts.

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SIIDS 2020 – Sound, Image and Interaction Design Symposium

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