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Interview with Gertrude Cannon Gorman - Part 01


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Gertrude Cannon Gorman was born in October 10, 1900 in Choate, Texas. She relates the history of the William Mose Cannon family from Kennedy County, Texas, the Noah Lee Cannon family of McAllen, Texas, and her family in Hidalgo County, Texas. The interview starts off with pictures being shown, they discuss a woman they knew who had cancer and had passed away. Gertrude, who was also sick mentions her heart attack and now having a pacemaker. Gertrude talks about why she was named Gertrude, and her family. Her father was born and raised in Mississippi then moved to Nixon, Texas. Gertrude mentions her grandparents. Interviewer and Gertrude discuss people they know that have passed away. They discuss pictures they’re sharing. Gertrude talks about her father helping build depots in McAllen and the horses he rode; he would also find men who slept in the sheds and would send them back north on freight trains. They discuss Noe who shot a man. Gertrude also discusses a man who rode a bull from Brownsville to New York. The interviewer and Gertrude go through more pictures and talk about each one. They mention how the last name Cannon is common in other parts of the US compared to where they are in the Valley. Gertrude talks about her parents, her father who died of a heart attack and her mother who was also sick, and why they came down to the Rio Grande Valley.


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Interview conducted on 11 January 1986 by Denise Leslie Kemp. Digital transfer completed on 22 November 2013 from the original analog cassette tape.

Interview with Gertrude Cannon Gorman - Part 01