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Eligio (Kika) de la Garza - Part 01


Eligio (Kika) de la Garza - Part 01




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0:00 Introduction

0:30 Background information – where you born?

1:00 Can you talk a little bit about your family (mother, father, brothers/sisters)?

2:00 First years in School

3:00 Kika lived with his uncles while he was studying at Mission, Texas.

4:20 How did you get the nickname “Kika”?

6:00 Can you tell us some childhood memories that you think about right now?

8:00 Neighborhood friends and the Edinburg canal.

11:00 How long were you in the Navy?

12:00 What kind of influences did you have while you were growing up (people, grandmother, uncles)?

12:30 Kika’s uncles – main and great influences to his life

14:00 Were you were in any type of sport when you were in Mission High school?

15:00 Football and basketball player.

17:30 Kika did his associate at Edinburg Pan American University and then went to Saint Mary at San Antonio, Texas to start his law school degree.

18:50 Can you just give us an idea about what has changed the most in the Valley since you were growing up compared to nowadays?

21:15 How old do you were when you joined the Navy?

22:00 Kika’s experiences at the Navy.

31:00 Divisions at the Navy.

35:00 Kika, back from the Navy continues his studies at Saint Mary at San Antonio.

36:30 Why did you decide it to study law?

36:40 Kika grew up in a political family.

40:00 Kika ran for the legislature.

45:00 Legislature facts.

51:00 While you were in the Texas legislature, did you work on any agriculture issues?

52:00 Is anything else you want to mention or add regarding to the Texas legislature?







Eligio (Kika) de la Garza - Part 01