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Eligio (Kika) de la Garza - Part 02


Eligio (Kika) de la Garza - Part 02




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0:00 Introduction.

00:25 Can you talk a little bit about the first time you ran for the congress?

2:50 Did you have money for the first campaign?

3:40 First run for the congress experiences.

4:40 Kika has the support of his friends, family, and campaign manager for his first campaign.

6:30 Kika remembers that there were not airports so it was harder to transport from place to place. “It was challenging but interesting.”

7:00 Some of the congress members of South Texas background.

8:30 Political powers at that time.

9:45 What were some of the issues that you faced during your first campaign?

10:00 Education – one of the major issues.

10:40 Health – Kika supported Medicare and Medicaid.

13:00 It was a hard campaign.

13:00 They did not have a lot of money for the first campaign, however they had a lot of support.

13:30 People who supported Kika’s first campaign.

14:30 Texas delegation – members of congress.

16:00 Kika was welcomed to the congress.

16:30 Kika joined the Agriculture committee.

17:00 Kika the youngest man at the congress at that time.

17:35 Kika became chair of the Agriculture committee – the youngest chair of the committee.

20:40 Political leaders.

22:10 Kika was invited, together with his wife, to almost all the functions of the White House.

25:00 Relations with Mexico and South America.

25:50 Kennedy and the new progressive programs.

27:00 Local Education.

30:00 Federal Education and the creation of new buildings.

34:00 Food programs for poor areas.

44:00 Founding for food programs and the results.

46:00 Kika explains that these programs were also nutritional.

48:50 Benefits of the nutritional programs.

50:26 Do you think that the money spent in these programs impacted the economy of the area?

1:00:00 End of the interview.







Eligio (Kika) de la Garza - Part 02