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Purpose- This study investigates the performance of practicing physicians and medical trainees on learning health equity material. The population was tested on basic terminology and concepts of health equity in a module called “Basics of Health Equity.”

Design- The American Medical Association published an e-learning module available to a diverse population that took the quiz for continuing medical education credit. The population includes physicians and medical professional from all states and territories in the United States. From this population, one sample included all identifiable practicing physician’s quiz data, 499. A second sample included undergraduate medical students and resident physicians, 1573. There quiz scores were categorized by number of attempts to pass the course with 80% or greater. The total sample size was 2072.

We used chi-squared analysis to evaluate statistical significance between the two samples.

Findings- Medical professionals perform similarly on the course if pass on first attempt and pass in two more attempts are the only categories of student. Trainees are more likely to pass the quiz on the “Basics of Health Equity” on one or two attempts when compared to practicing physicians.

Significance- The lack of statistical significance in the first analysis suggests a need across training levels for this material. The statistical significance on further stratification of the data, however, indicates that there may be a difference in performance that is based on sample make-up or quiz content.

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