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Autophagy is a vital cellular process that functions to degrade and recycle damaged organelles into basic metabolites. This allows a cell to adapt to a diverse range of challenging conditions. Autophagy assists in maintaining homeostasis, and it is tightly regulated by the cell. The disruption of autophagy has been associated with many diseases, such as neurodegenerative disorders and cancer. This review will center its discussion on providing an in-depth analysis of the current molecular understanding of autophagy and its relevance to brain tumors. We will delve into the current literature regarding the role of autophagy in glioma pathogenesis by exploring the major pathways of JAK2/STAT3 and PI3K/AKT/mTOR and summarizing the current therapeutic interventions and strategies for glioma treatment. These treatments will be evaluated on their potential for autophagy induction and the challenges associated with their utilization. By understanding the mechanism of autophagy, clinical applications for future therapeutics in treating gliomas can be better targeted.


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