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Snake venom is a rich source of bioactive molecules that hold great promise for therapeutic applications. These molecules can be broadly classified into enzymes and non-enzymes, each showcasing unique medicinal properties. Noteworthy compounds such as Bradykinin Potentiating Peptides (BPP) and Three-Finger Toxins (3FTx) are showing therapeutic potential in areas like cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and pain-relief. Meanwhile, components like snake venom metalloproteinases (SVMP), L-amino acid oxidases (LAAO), and Phospholipase A2s (PLA2) are paving new ways in oncology treatments. The full medicinal scope of these toxins is still emerging. In this review, we discuss drugs derived from snake venoms that address CVDs, cancer, diabetes, strokes, and pain. Further, we outline the toxin distribution across 130 snake species, categorized by their genus within the Crotalidae, Viperidae, and Elapidae families. Conclusively, we spotlight the potential of Deep Learning (DL) in discovering groundbreaking drug prospects from these toxins.


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