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Anaemia in children is a major public health problem throughout the biosphere. It is estimated that at least one-third of the populace has been at one-time anemic. It is often multifactorial, iron deficiency being the most frequent etiology and reasons like malaria endemicity, poor nutrition including micronutrient deficiency, haemoglobinopathies, frequent bacterial infections and high parasitic infestations have been given for these high prevalence rates. Chronic Anaemia may impair growth, cardiac function and cognitive development in infants but other consequences are rather poorly explored more thoroughly. Chronic disorders and iron deficiency were the most common causes of Anaemia. Anaemia was frequently diagnosed in this series of elderly patients. Partly treatable nutritional deficiencies, such as iron or folate deficiency, were identified as possible causes. A complex and heterogeneous interplay of chronic inflammation, functional iron deficiency, and renal impairment was identified in a large proportion of patients. Measures directed at prevention and control of anemia, include increased coverage of supplementation and fortification programs are strongly recommended.


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