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Millions of electrocardiograms (ECG) are interpreted every year, requiring specialized training for accurate interpretation. Because automated and accurate classification ECG signals will improve early diagnosis of heart condition, several neural network (NN) approaches have been proposed for classifying ECG signals. Current strategies for a critical step, the preprocessing for noise removal, are still unsatisfactory. We propose a modular NN approach based on artificial noise injection, to improve the generalization capability of the resulting model. The NN classifier initially performed a fairly accurate recognition of four types of cardiac anomalies in simulated ECG signals with minor, moderate, severe, and extreme noise, with an average accuracy of 99.2%, 95.1%, 91.4%, and 85.2% respectively. Ultimately we discriminated normal and abnormal heartbeat patterns for single lead of raw ECG signals, obtained 95.7% of overall accuracy and 99.5% of Precision. Therefore, the propose approach is a useful tool for the detection and diagnosis of cardiac abnormalities.

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