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Guided by a strength-based framework and counter-storying lens, we use a qualitative case study approach (Cook-Sather, 2020; Cook-Sather & Motz-Storey, 2016) to explore students’ experiences with a teaching partnership program. A Students as Learners and Teachers (SaLT) model to student-instructor partnership positions students as consultants in a faculty member’s course in which they are not currently enrolled (Cook-Sather, 2020). Following a case study analysis with student and faculty partners in a SaLT program at a HSI, several themes were identified. Themes emerging from student participants included: empathy, personal growth, solidarity, and feedback awareness. Faculty partners’ themes included: receptivity, resistance, and collaboration. Implications for institutions of higher education and Hispanic Serving Institutions are provided.


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To Improve the Academy: A Journal of Educational Development





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