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In 2018, we published a translingual and transdisciplinary collaborative piece that sought to respond to the call for writing and language programs to develop professional development opportunities central to multilingual writers’ needs as language learners and writers and their sophisticated and diverse language and writing abilities (Guerra, 2008; Horner et al., 2011; Kells, 2007; Tardy, 2017). We described the design, implementation, and implications of a multilingual pedagogy professional development series for teaching assistants in a transnational and multilingual context (Cavazos, et al., 2018). In this chapter, we provide an update on what has transpired since the series ended. We arrange the chapter as follows: first, we give a brief description of the institutional context where the workshops took place. Then we briefly describe the professional development series for readers unfamiliar with our first piece. After that, we provide an update on what happened after the series ended that emphasizes the impact, affordances, and challenges of implementing this type of workshop and how the authors continue to enact the core components of the proposed workshop in their disciplinary contexts and teaching practices.


Copyright © 2023 Jonathan Hall, Bruce Horner, and the authors of individual chapters in this collection.

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Toward a Transnational University: WAC/WID Across Borders of Language, Nation, and Discipline





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