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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Shizue Mito

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Dr. Jose Gutierrez

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Dr. Yonghong Zhang


In 2009 bioactive compounds from marine Streptomyces species was isolated which resulted in deriving four isoquinoline-quinone alkaloids known as Mansouramycins A-D. There have been reports that there are 36 non-small cancer cells against cytotoxicity in Mansouramycins A-C in lung cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, and prostate cancer cells. Reports that have conducted total syntheses were all specific to a single compound only Mansouramycin A and D. However, in precedent methods, to obtain the derivatives with different substituents are limited when the substituents are on the fused-pyridine ring. Thus, a develop a systematic synthetic methods of isoquinoline-quinones, which are to be able to obtain the natural Mansouramycins and their derivative by the usage of different amino acids via synthesis the aminoacetals.


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