Theses and Dissertations

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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Business Administration

First Advisor

Dr. Hale Kaynak

Second Advisor

Dr. Sibin Wu

Third Advisor

Dr. Lei Wang


Sustainability has become an essential component of corporate survival and prosperity. As a result, companies are eager to introduce sustainability to every part of their businesses. In addition, because stakeholders' interest has spread from companies to their entire supply chain, companies must manage their relationships with other supply chain members regarding sustainability. Consequently, there has been an interest in investigating the implementation and management of sustainability along supply chains. However, there are still voids in sustainable supply chain management research. For example, scholars have pointed out the need for research on sustainability from a supplier perspective as opposed to the traditional viewpoint – buyer perspective.

To fill the voids mentioned above, drawing from studies in the literature on sustainability, supply chain management, innovativeness, and risk tolerance and employing stakeholder and embeddedness theories, I investigate the role of similarities between suppliers' and buyers' sustainability practices in improving suppliers' performance. I suggest that relational embeddedness and supplier innovativeness are positively related to the similarity of the supplier's and buyer's sustainability practices. I also assess the moderating role of risk tolerance of the supplier. Furthermore, I discuss the research methodology used to test the hypotheses as depicted in the research model.


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