Theses and Dissertations

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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Curriculum & Instruction

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Dr. Zhidong Zhang

Second Advisor

Dr. Karin Lewin

Third Advisor

Dr. Ana Carolina Diaz Beltran


This study aimed to explore Cooperative Learning theories and practice by examining the relationships among three aspects: Experience, Practice and Perceptions. The data were from interview records from eight science teachers.

As a student-centered active pedagogical trend, cooperative learning has become part of one of the most effective and efficient educational trends that has illuminated constructivist science classrooms in South Texas. This method is conducive in the field of education. Students, in general, are encouraged to cooperatively get involved and to collaboratively participate in problem solving, discussions, and/or productions in group sessions to build a sense of community with the teacher’s facilitation to incorporate cooperative learning strategies. This qualitative case study will examine scholarly frameworks of the Cooperative Learning Model for Academic Achievement and the link between 5th grade Science teachers’ instructional expertise. Therefore, cooperative learning is significant enough that it can develop and/or sustain a constructive learning environment conducive for all learners alike. Cooperative learning is a constructive pedagogical trend that can be effectively applied to elementary science.


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