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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Curriculum & Instruction

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Dr. Joseph Rene Corbeil

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Dr. Maria Elena Valdes-Corbeil

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Dr. Zhidong Zhang


There is an ever-pressing need for cybersecurity awareness and implementation of learning strategies in the workplace to mitigate the increased threat posed by cyber-attacks and exacerbated by an untrained workforce. The lack of cybersecurity knowledge amongst government employees has increased to critical levels due to the amount of sensitive information their agencies are responsible for. The digital compromise of a government entity often leads to a compromise of constituent data along with the disruption of public services (Axelrod, 2019; Yazdanpanahi, 2021). The need for awareness is further complicated by agencies looking to cater to a digital culture looking for a balance in government transparency and access by providing more services online. This act of modernizing services for a connected constituency adds further risk to the agency by exposing its workforce to threats associated with the internet-connected world. If their workforce is not prepared for the tactics used by cybercriminals, the consequences can be both fiscally and politically reprehensible. This study considers the knowledge enhancements resulting from the incorporation of cybersecurity training for local government employees in South Texas and the potential effects it will have on the cybersecurity awareness of the population. This study requires the collection and analysis of the following archival data: the results of a state-mandated cybersecurity awareness training and Cybersecurity Awareness Survey, which was adapted from the Pew Research Center’s (2016) Cybersecurity Knowledge Quiz. The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of a cybersecurity awareness training program on government employees’ knowledge of cybersecurity issues and their ability to mitigate cybersecurity threats.


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