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Master of Science (MS)


Manufacturing Engineering

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Dr. Hiram Moya

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Dr. Douglas Timmer

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Dr. Noe Vargas


The removal of volatile organic compounds, VOCs, from contaminated sources of air stream has become a major air pollution risk. Excessive amounts discharged to the atmosphere are highly risky to human health and to the environmental system. Demand for sustainable VOC control technologies has become crucial for the reduction of emissions. Biological treatments of waste gas streams, such as biofiltration, have proven to be cost effective and environmentally friendly compared to conventional pollution control technologies. The goal of this research is to simulate data for a given biofilter model, and to evaluate if it is economically and environmentally feasible to implement with a given set of conditions based on previous data. The model incorporates key parameters such as annual capital costs, investment costs, and annual operating costs. Results and observations show promise for developing a model that can reliably describe the effectiveness of a biofiltration system for medium scale industries.


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