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Robert Dearth

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Rupesh Kariyat

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Engil Pereira


Chapter 1: This chapter incorporates detailed information about the biochar concept, its production, composition, and properties, harmful arthropods and their damage, the effect of soil on the arthropod community, and the application of biochar on arthropod control.

Chapter 2: The comprehensive lab experiment was conducted with modified pupation media enriched with walnut shell biochar (Chapter II) to evaluate the effects of biochar on the pupation and eclosion success rates of a specialist (Manduca sexta) and a generalist pest (Spodoptera frugiperda). We found that the biochar treatment led to a significant reduction in pupal mass, adult mass, adult wingspan, body length, and length of survival compared to the control. This was vital to understanding the direct impact of biochar on pupation and eclosion stages of pest development and serves as the foundation for future research of biochar on the soil to assess the effect of biochar on different stages of herbivores.

Chapter 3: This chapter provides an overview of my major findings and possible future directions for research to understand the biochar effect on arthropod’s control and potential solutions to incorporate different types of biochar on herbivores’ control and suggesting the biochar as a potential alternative against chemical insecticides for future references.


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