Theses and Dissertations

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Abdoul Oubedillah

Second Advisor

Jungseok Ho

Third Advisor

Jongmin Kim


This study focuses on the analysis of the drainage system in the parking lots of the Edinburg campus of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The current project will use the rational method and modified rational method described in the Texas Department of Transportation manual to analyze and determine a solution for the current built drainage system. The primary objective of this study is to offer a practical and comprehensive solution to address the issue of this area that has flooded during heavy rainfall storm events. The proposed solution takes into consideration the building codes of the city of Edinburg and evaluates the cost-effectiveness of the proposed solution. The methodology employed encompasses analyzing lidar information data, gathering topographic data, determining drainage areas, calculating concentration times, examining existing pipes, calculating maximum discharge for a 50-year storm event, and defining the storage required for the current site. The goal of this study is to provide a detailed analysis of the current system and a feasible cost-time-efficient solution with detailed specifications, cost estimation, construction process, and duration of the entire project to facilitate its implementation.


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